Small Animal Services

In-House Diagnostics

Allows rapid diagnosis of many medical conditions such as internal and external parasites, viral infections, etc.

CBC Panel

Infections, anemia, and internal organ functions are checked. These tests can be run in house for quick results or be sent to our reference lab for more extensive testing.


Full surgical services are provided with specialist referrals available for cases requiring advanced techniques. Laser surgery is available in house for many routine procedures (tumors ablations, spay/neuter/declaw etc.)


Plain and contrast radiography are available using our state of the art digital radiography equipment.


Indoor runs and cages for dogs and cats as well as fair weather outdoor runs and yard for greater exercise for dogs.

Wellness Programs

Including Puppy/Kitten vaccinations, Adult vaccine boosters, Internal and external parasite prevention products, testing, and treatment programs.

Pain Management

Products and techniques for both injury and surgical pain relief as well as for management of chronic painful conditions (ie. Arthritis).


We maintain a well stocked in-house pharmacy for client convenience, as well as the ability to order special or custom compounded products.


We can diagnose and treat a wider variety of skin conditions (ie. External parasites, skin infections, tumors, etc.)

Emergency Services

Emergency Services are available at our hospital during working hours for small animals and through the area Emergency Clinic after-hours.

Intensive Care

Intensive Care services include intravenous fluids, oxygen therapy, thermal support, blood transfusions, etc.


Humane euthanasia is offered at our hospital for end stage diseases and to mercifully end unacceptable suffering of our patients.


Permanent identification of your pet is available using registered scannable sub cutaneous microchips. This allows easier identification and return of lost or impounded pets.

Nutritional Counseling

Our veterinarians are happy to discuss any of your pet related nutritional concerns.

Laser Surgery

We have on site surgical laser capability for select procedures using our CO2 laser.


Grooming and Medicated baths for small animals are available at our hospital.